Create Skype Premium Account For Free (Till 31-12- 2012)

Get Your Own Skype Premium Account For Free

Hi all users, long time no post on premium account or trick so today I decided to tell you a latest trick to get your own skype premium account absolutely for free. So lets go ahead and see how to do it.

Create a new non-premium skype account and follow the steps below :

1. First of all go to (yes, it is actually a legit site)
2. Enter working email address(it should be working coz u will get ur code in that email only ,u can use fake email generator to generator as many code as you want). 

Then for skype name, enter in something fake and completely random like: abc123384745ui4 or idjosveoshe etc.
3. Fill the CAPTCHA and then check your email. You should get a code in the email which u provided above.
4. Go to: (login with your real skype username and pass)
Then type in the code.
5. Login into your account on skype and BOOM! You have unlimited premium.
Note :- This premium lasts only 7 days, so if want more seven days just use the different mail and repeat all the steps above.

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