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Free Unlimited high speed VPNS Hotspot Shield Elite Life Time Update

Ad Free Browsing ExperienceEncrypted and private communicationA secure gateway to access censored and blocked sitesMasked IP address for complete anonymityOne license works on both PC and Mac  VPN for Windows Hotspot Shield VPN from Anchor Free is the world’s most trusted internet security solution. With over 75 million downloads, Hotspot Shield VPN for Windows secures more Windows machines than any other competitor VPNs. Hotspot Shield free VPN for Windows secures your web browsing session, protects your online identity from snoopers, encrypts passwords, online shopping information, chats, and downloads. Moreover, Hotspot Shield VPN protects your IP address from snoopers, hackers, and ISPs to allow anonymous web surfing with complete privacy
Custom Internet Security Hotspot Shield VPN for Windows is a custom internet security application designed and developed specifically for the users of Windows operating system. The bespoke solution works seamlessly on:
Windows 7Windows XPW…

Top 20 FREE VPN 2013

VPN stands for the Virtual Private Networks that will take your privacy to the next level. Privacy has now become the latest buzzword in the internet today owing to its unsecured nature. User perceive internet as an insecure way where all your private information is out in the open world.
Here are some of the best free VPN service providers that offer best services in the industry. Order of listing does not indicate there ranking.

1. Hotspot Shield: This free VPN solution offers you unlimited bandwidth and is available across all the major platforms.

2. GPass: GPass service provides us a free VPN access as well as web proxy services that can be used within your web browser. This service has many takers in China where many sites have been banned.

3. CyberGhost: This site gives you 1 GB of the encrypted traffic and is based on the Windows based hosting. Unfortunately once you register with them you will not be able to select the servers. You can surf the web but is unreliable …

Download Private Videos From Facebook With Google Chrome

Hi all users, how are you ? well today we will tech you how you can download a video which is private from facebook. I know most of you do want to know hot to do it ? Okay lets get started.
1. First of all open Google chrome.
2. Go to Facebook.
3. Find the video you would like to download.
4. Click settings on the top right hand corner(F12) Then tools/developer tools/network.
5. Play the whole video.
6. Click on type and locate the mp4 file(refresh the page if you cannot locate it then try again).
7. Right click on the Mp4 file and open in new tab.
8. Right click on black screen(or the video if it shows) and click on save as..

Block Sites With Idderall

To block sites you don't like, you can install the Chrome extension TinyFilter as mentioned before.
The following will show you another similar extension — Idderall, which is available for you to block sites in a funny way on your Firefox browser.
After installation, you can follow the 6-step instructions to add blocked sites, to schedule the block time, and to choose an unblock way step by step.
Comparing to TinyFilter, Idderall has the following 3 obvious advantages:
I. 3 ways to unblock If you need to get access to blocked sites or to change your settings, you will suffer from one of the following 3 deterrents:
1. Email
You can enter a friend's email address, then Idderall will send the unblock password to it.
2. Facebook
When connecting to your Facebook account, Idderall will post something that maybe embarrass you on your timeline.
3. PayPal
You can also set an amount of money you would like to donate to the extension author, and pay it via PayPal when you give up.
Among the abo…

Optimize Emule Connection Speed

Just start out on Emule and still a beginner.

The speed is really killing me, even configured ports 4662 & 4672. I got high ID but the quene is round up to hundreds before I capable to get any files.

I always keep my upload speed @ 20kbs, but d/l speed still suck. The speed only pick-up after 40minutes but not over 30kbs even there are 300 resource of sharing files.

Gone thru a lot of searches hope to get stuff from emule faster.

And here is one way to optimize the bandwidth for emule, which not on the manual.

With Windows 2000/XP:

Open "regedit.exe" and do the following:

Set as: "GlobalMaxTcpWindowSize"=dword:00007fff

    Internet Settings
Set as: "MaxConnectionsPerServer"=dword:00000020

    Internet Settings

Google Cam hack Searches

Below are examples of google searches or hacks to find webcams:
"Live web imaging unleashed"
indexFrame.html axis
"Your browser has _JavaScript turned off.For the user interface to work effectively"
/view/view.shtml axis
"TOSHIBA Network Camera - User Login"
"Live View is the default page"
intitle:"Live View / - AXIS"
inurl:indexFrame.shtml "Axis Video Server"
i-Catcher Console - Web Playback
inurl:"video.cgi=" inurl:axis

How to use premium accounts registry with IDM!!

Im gonna explain on how to use premium account with IDM!! you're gonna ask why the hassle,, im gonna tell you this idea is to make the account or the cookie more durable because all we know if we give user/pass we all go to the Filehosting webpage and login there, you know what happen next ^^
First of all we need the registry code and im gonna take Hotfile as an exemple but you can change it to whatever filehosting you wanna use by changing http://* To http://*

Code: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\DownloadManager\Passwords\http://*]
why [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\DownloadManager\Passwor ds??
this is where IDM (internet download manager stores passwords)

Grab the code and create a .txt File then copy the code as shown below:

now click on Save us:

in Filename rename it what you want but make sure to change …

How to Optimize uTorrent for Faster Downloads?

Speed Up Utorrent (All Versions)uTorrent is a very popular BitTorrent client which always provides faster performance and consume insignificant amount of system resources. And it supports previous torrent files as well as magnet links. It comes for free and if you want more power you can go for ‘uTorrent plus’ for some money.

Sometimes you might have noticed that the download speed indicated there is lesser than half of your internet connection speed. Then obviously you check the internet connection and what if there is no problem. Then the problem must be with the uTorrent. Here we are discussing how to configure uTorrent to get the maximum out of your internet connection speed. Step by Step ConfigurationHealth of TorrentThis is the number one factor. There has to be a greater number of seeds and lesser number of peers. Seeds are the people who have already downloaded the file and only uploading. Peers are still downloading while simultaneously uploading already downloaded pa…

Get a Free temporary Email Address with Guerrilla Mail

Email Address with Guerrilla Mail
If you don't want to give out your real email address to register for a site and don't want to go through the hassle of creating a spam email address, just point your browser to Guerrilla Mail; upon loading the page you'll have an automatically assigned email address from the domain that is good for one hour. The beauty of Guerrilla Mail is that when you visit the URL you're automatically logged into the inbox of your temporary email address; just don't navigate away until you're finished with the email address. There are buttons to extend the address by an hour, copy your temporary email address to your clipboard, and to forget the address. I imagine that last option would be great to use after firing off a scathing anonymous email—when the recipient tries to respond they learn that the address no longer exists. Guerrilla Mail

The Latest On 100+ Free Tools For You To Access Blocked Sites Solutions

How many ways have you used to unblocked the internet censorship and get access to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and some other sites blocked in your country or area? I have used a ton, such as Proxy, SSH, VPN and many other anti-censorship tools, since which may be blocked, too, the more you have, the safer you will be. The following are 100+ free tools for you to access blocked sites:

I. Online Proxy Websites (66)
The main advantage of online proxy websites (or web proxies or download Proxy List Free) is that you don't need to install anything nor to make any configuration, just to look out those pop-up ads. 1. The Aniscartujo web proxy is workable for both computers and mobile phones. 2. Free Web Proxy This web proxy allows you to watch YouTube videos as well as to download them in MP4 files. 3. Daveproxy A UK web proxy which supports JavaScript well. 4. TryCatchMe The effect of TryCatchMe is nearly same as Daveproxy. 5. is available for you to watch …