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Verify Paypal by Payoneer Mastercard + US Bank account + 25$ Bonus

The Payoneer Affiliate
The Payoneer Affiliate Card works just like any other prepaid MasterCard card.
The card is accepted at all locations worldwide, where Debit MasterCard is accepted.
You can use it at a point of sale location to make purchases and at an ATM to withdraw cash. NOTE: IN PAYPAL BLOCKED COUNTRIES USE VPN (PROXY) AND CREATE ACCOUNT FROM UK,USA or CANADA AND THEN AFFILIATE WITH PAYONEER FOR WORLDWIDE ATM & MASTERCARD BENIFITS Benefits of the Payoneer
Prepaid Card :
- get $25 bonus
- Get payments from multiple affiliate networks
- No bank account required
- Account held in US Dollars
- Payments available within 2 hours
- Use in stores, online, or ATMs that accept MasterCard
- Avoid steep bank charges
- Low cost fee structure
- No administrative hassles
- 24/7 online ‘My Account’ page for checking balances and transactions
- In-house multi lingual live chat, telephone and e-mail support
- Receive private payments to your card from anyone
Other Features :
1-) Verify PayP…