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Before, I have post how to solve download limit from Megaupload, now I would like to post about premium download from Megaupload using Free Account
Yes, now you’ll be able to download just like premium user even with your Free Account. Wich means you can use download accelerators, resuming download and manymore…All you need is just Firefox browser, Free Account on Megaupload, and Megakey Tool.
Megakey is your access to FREE PREMIUM SERVICE and UNLIMITED MEGA SITES. It comes with a lot of great features, easy to use and lightning fast. Megakey uses almost no resources on your computer and is no harm to you at all. If you don’t like Megakey, you can uninstall it easily and completely, anytime.
Now, I’m gonna tell you how to use Megakey :
You’ll need Firefox, Megaupload Account and MegakeyLog in to your account, then close your browserInstall Megakey, then a new icon will shown at icon trayRight-click on the new icon, then choose Megakey BenefitsCheck all the box, then hit OKNow, open y…