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Get Free Netflix for Life

In today's Null Byte, we're hacking Netflix. As most of you know, Netflix is a subscription service that streams movies and TV shows to your devices over the internet. A common stance amongst my Xbox Live friends is that Netflix isn't worth the cost. The instant movies predominantly consist of old titles, and new movies aren't added often enough.
However, I persisted that the service is indeed worth it, if only so we could watch Netflix movies communally through our avatars (a feature that has since been removed).

My cheap friends stated, "If you get it for me, I'll watch stuff with you." So that is exactly what I did. Exploiting Netflix is rather easy. Let's check out how. RequirementsSpare email accountsSpare pre-paid debit cards (these can be depleted of funds)
The Process The process is simple. Netflix offers a free trial program for "new" users. We're going to exploit this weakness via prepaid debit cards. At the very l…