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Block Sites With Idderall

To block sites you don't like, you can install the Chrome extension TinyFilter as mentioned before.
The following will show you another similar extension — Idderall, which is available for you to block sites in a funny way on your Firefox browser.
After installation, you can follow the 6-step instructions to add blocked sites, to schedule the block time, and to choose an unblock way step by step.
Comparing to TinyFilter, Idderall has the following 3 obvious advantages:
I. 3 ways to unblock If you need to get access to blocked sites or to change your settings, you will suffer from one of the following 3 deterrents:
1. Email
You can enter a friend's email address, then Idderall will send the unblock password to it.
2. Facebook
When connecting to your Facebook account, Idderall will post something that maybe embarrass you on your timeline.
3. PayPal
You can also set an amount of money you would like to donate to the extension author, and pay it via PayPal when you give up.
Among the abo…

Block Porn Sites With MetaSurf

To block porn sites, you can check out Idderall, StayFocused, TinyFilter, or some other extensions as mentioned before.
The following will show you another good one — MetaSurf, which is a Firefox extension for you to block porn sites in the following 2 steps:
1. To enable MetaSurf
After installation, the MetaSurf is disabled as default, you need to open the Firefox "Add-on Menager" page, find the Metacert extension in the "Extensions" setting window, and click the "Preferences" button to enable it.
2. To set up MetaSurf password
When MetaSurf is enabled, you need to set up a password, which will be required when you are going to disable the extension later.
After that, you can start to block more than 635 million porn sites automatically, which means that you don't need to create black lists yourself.
For any of those supported porn sites on any search result pages, you can see an "AE" icon in the end of its title, clicking on which, you…

The Latest On 100+ Free Tools For You To Access Blocked Sites Solutions

How many ways have you used to unblocked the internet censorship and get access to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and some other sites blocked in your country or area? I have used a ton, such as Proxy, SSH, VPN and many other anti-censorship tools, since which may be blocked, too, the more you have, the safer you will be. The following are 100+ free tools for you to access blocked sites:

I. Online Proxy Websites (66)
The main advantage of online proxy websites (or web proxies or download Proxy List Free) is that you don't need to install anything nor to make any configuration, just to look out those pop-up ads. 1. The Aniscartujo web proxy is workable for both computers and mobile phones. 2. Free Web Proxy This web proxy allows you to watch YouTube videos as well as to download them in MP4 files. 3. Daveproxy A UK web proxy which supports JavaScript well. 4. TryCatchMe The effect of TryCatchMe is nearly same as Daveproxy. 5. is available for you to watch …