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How to Test Your Antivirus With Simple Trick

You can test your anti virus program for its effectiveness using a simple notepad trick.

You can also threat your friend with same method.
Follow the steps :

1.Open Notepad.

2.Copy the code give below in the notepad file.


3.Save it with an .exe extension like testvirus.exe

As soon as you save this file, your anti virus program will detect the file (virus) immediately and will attempt to delete it. If this happens then your Antivirus is working properly. If not, then its time to look for some other reliable program.
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How to Reset my Forgotten Windows Password

Forgetting your password is never any fun, but luckily there’s a really easy way to reset the password. All you need is a copy of the Windows installation disk and one simple command line trick.

Resetting Your Forgotten Windows Password

Boot off the Windows disk and select the “Repair your computer” option from the lower left-hand corner.

Follow through until you get to the option to open the Command Prompt, which you’ll want to select.

First you’ll want to type in the following command to backup the original sticky keys file:
copy c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe c:\
Then you’ll copy the command prompt executable (cmd.exe) over top of the sticky keys executable:
copy c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe

Now you can reboot the PC.

Resetting the Password

Once you get to the login screen, hit the Shift key 5 times, and you’ll see an administrator mode command prompt.

Now to reset the password—just type the following command, replacing the username and password with the combination you want:
net user geek MyNewPassword

That’s all there is to it. Now you can login.
Of course, you’ll probably want to put the original sethc.exe file back, which you can do by rebooting into the installation CD, opening the command prompt, and copying the c:\sethc.exe file back to c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe.
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System Speed Booster Full Version

System Speed Booster is full of energy and capacity to provide the best computer utilities for customers, such as registry cleaner, system optimizer, disk checker and so on. With our professional R&D team, consisting of certified technicians, developers, marketers and management, we have made great achievements and are highly valued in this field.

How To Download :
1. Click on the download links above
2. Wait for few seconds and then click on

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Windows 7 SP1 Direct Download Link

If you have bought a computer with the Windows 7 operating system or a standalone version of the operating system in the past, you have probably by now upgraded your systems with the Service Pack 1 for the OS that was released in February by Microsoft.
Some owners may wonder if there is a way to download an integrated solution, for the case that they need to reinstall their operating system at a later point in time. If they do not have an integrated solution, they need to first install Windows 7 and then run all the updates online to get it patches and updated to the latest version. The operating system would be ready for use faster if Windows 7 could be installed with the SP1 integrated already.
That’s also the way to go forward for IT departments and networks, considering that bandwidth costs might shot through the roof if all network PCs needed to download the service pack 1 update from the Internet after operating system installation.
One option would be to slipstream the Service Pack 1 of Windows 7 and other updates. But that’s a technical process that takes some time. And, it is not really necessary anymore as Microsoft has made available direct downloads of Windows 7 versions that include the SP1. (note, some users may still want to slipstream, for instance to add specific drivers or tools to the installation process).
All downloads are provided as digital ISO images which need to be burned to a DVD. Windows users can use the built-in ISO burner of the Windows 7 operating system for that or any other DVD burner software that supports burning ISO images (like ImgBurn).
Here are the downloads:
  • Windows 7 Home Premium x86 SP1 (bootable) [download]
  • Windows 7 Home Premium x64 SP1 (bootable) [download]
  • Windows 7 Professional x86 SP1 (bootable) [download]
  • Windows 7 Professional x64 SP1 (bootable) [download]
  • Windows 7 Ultimate x86 SP1 (bootable) [download]
  • Windows 7 Ultimate X64 SP1 (bootable) [download]
The Windows 7 SP1 downloads come with a 30-day trial period, after which you need to enter a product key to continue using the operating system. The downloads are also handy if you have only received a 32-bit copy of your operating system, or no copy at all.
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Windows Vista Direct Download Links

Windows Vista was available from the Digital River online store, and some of the download links are still accessible. Most of the links that can be found on the web now are dead, but I managed to search and collect all that is necessary to still download a full version of Windows Vista in English, French or German.
Digital River is Microsoft's official distribution partner, so these downloads are secure and legit. You can verify Digital River's status as an official vendor from this Microsoft press release, and the integrity of the download domain from the Network Solutions Whois Server.

Purchase an Activation Key

Windows Vista
If you don't own a product key yet, you can look at this list of offers from Amazon. Some of these are OEM versions, which contain a DVD with a product key just like the retail versions. They are significantly cheaper, but lack a proper box packaging, and don't include technical support by Microsoft. If you already have the installation files in your preferred language and bit edition, it doesn't matter which version you purchase. The key only determines the edition (Home, Business etc.) and can activate both 32 and 64 bit in any language. Sometimes better editions are the cheaper ones, so all of the following links to Amazon might be worth checking. Windows 7 might also be cheaper than Vista, so it might also be worth checking the deals on the Windows 7 Direct Download Links page. As for Windows Vista.

Create your own bootable Vista iso image

For a complete installation, you'll need three files: an *.exe file plus the two *.wim files. If you want to upgrade an existing Windows system, you can start the Vista installation by executing the *.exe and following the instructions.
You might also want to have a bootable Vista DVD iso image. Microsoft doesn't provide these as free downloads, but actually it's quite easy to create an iso image from the setup files. Just download the setup files, start the *.exe, and wait for the Windows Vista system files to unpack to a new folder. Then cancel the Vista setup process. Let's assume the setup files have been unpacked to C:\Vista\. If they're in a different folder, just replace it in the following steps.
To create an iso image, you'll also need to download and install the Windows Vista SP1 WAIK.
If you're creating a 64 bit iso image (and only if doing so), you'll need to copy the file C:\Program Files\Windows AIK\Tools\PETools\amd64\boot\ to the folder C:\Vista\boot\.
You can then trigger the iso creation by opening Windows PE Tools, which will give you a command prompt. There you enter the following line:
oscdimg –bC:\Vista\boot\ -h -lVISTA_EN_DVD -m -u2
        C:\Vista\ C:\windows_vista_with_service_pack_1_dvd.iso

Download Windows Vista Setup Files

The following links point to the official download server For the student discount programme the Ultimate Steal, Microsoft published installation files for Windows Vista Ultimate with integrated Service Pack 1 (SP1). These files are good for installing the other Windows Vista editions (Home Basic, Home Premium and Business) as well. The activation key determines which Vista edition will be installed.
The RTM *.exe files lack the corresponding *.wim files. They can't be used for a full installation. I've listed them anyway. You never know what people are looking for...
Important notice: As of 10 April 2012, Windows Vista has reached its end of life and dropped out of mainstream support. These downloads probably won't be staying online much longer. So don't wait too long to download, and remember to back up the files

Windows Vista 32 bit

Product Language Download Link
Windows Vista Ultimate x86 SP1 English (USA) X14-63452.exe
Windows Vista Ultimate x86 SP1 French (France) X14-68064.exe
Windows Vista Ultimate x86 SP1 German (Germany) X15-19134.exe
Windows Vista x86 RTM English (USA) X13-49114.exe

Windows Vista 64 bit

Product Language Download Link
Windows Vista Ultimate x64 SP1 English (USA) X14-63453.exe
Windows Vista Ultimate x64 SP1 French (France) X14-68069.exe
Windows Vista Ultimate x64 SP1 German (Germany) X15-19135.exe
Windows Vista x64 RTM English (USA) X13-49115.exe

Windows Vista Ultimate (PRODUCT) RED

This is a collection of screen saver, side bar apps, background images etc. dipping your desktop into deep red, like the red ribbon, indicating solidarity with victims of AIDS/HIV. When properly purchased, a percentage of the proceeds of Vista RED editions goes towards fighting AIDS in Africa. Please don't just indicate your support. Do give! The HIV rate in Sub-Saharan Africa is at an alarming 5%, and even little donations can have great impact there.

Product Language Download Link
Windows Vista Ultimate (PRODUCT) RED English (USA) X15-19965.exe
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[Direct Download Links] Download Genuine Windows 7 RTM with SP1 ISO (32-bit and 64-bit)

 Download Win7
DISCLAIMER: The download links given in this topic are genuine and absolutely legal. You should have a valid product key with you to be able to install Windows 7 using these ISO files. If you don't enter a product key, Windows will run only for 30 days.

When we purchase a new computer, it comes pre-installed with an OS, most of the times the OS is Microsoft Windows. Now almost all new computer systems are coming pre-installed with Windows 7.
Some computer manufacturers provide a recovery disc with their computers so that you can restore the OS in case you face problems while starting Windows.
But what would you do if you didn't get the recovery disc or if you lost the recovery disc. Even if you have your genuine product key noted down in your diary or printed on the backside of your computer, you can't use it to reinstall Windows because you don't have the setup disc.
To solve your problem, we are going to list direct download links for Windows 7. These are genuine and official download links. Its completely LEGAL to use them as they are hosted by "Digital River" online store which is an official distribution partner of Microsoft. These ISO files don't come with a product key. You'll need to use your own product key to activate Windows. The links provide an untouched Windows 7 ISO which is a fully functional 30-day trial version which can be converted into full version after entering your product key and activating it.

Download Windows 7 Professional with Service Pack 1 (SP1):
Download Windows 7 Home Premium with Service Pack 1 (SP1):
 Download Windows 7 Ultimate with Service Pack 1 (SP1):

 Download Windows 7 Professional RTM without SP1:
 Download Windows 7 Home Premium RTM without SP1:

NOTE: Once you finish downloading the ISO file, you can burn the ISO file to a DVD using any burning software and then install Windows 7 using it.
NOTE: If you have product key for other Windows 7 editions like Ultimate, etc, no need to worry. You can use the above mentioned ISO to install your desired Windows 7 version using a simple method mentioned in following tutorial:

Thanks to our friends Martin and Jan Krohn for sharing them...
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