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How to View Facebook Photos in Full Screen Mode - Facebook Tricks And Tips

One Month Ago Facebook Came Up With Photo Viewer . In Revamped Photo Viewer , All Comments , Likes , Tags Were in The Right Side Bar And Photo Was in Left Side . Now Facebook Has Published Out New Photo Viewer . Which Allows Users to View Facebook Photos in Full Screen Mode .

There Is One Easy Way To View Facebook Photos IN Full Screen Mode .

1. First You Right Click on Options Button

2. And Now Choose Full Screen Option For View Facebook Photos in Full Screen Mode

That's It

And Now Use ESC Key For Exit Full Screen Mode

NOTE - New Full Screen Photo Viewer is Works only on Latest Version Of Google Chrome And Mozilla Firefox

New facebook chat trick

Facebook has recently made changes to its chat features. Now we can use profile images in chat. You can even type anything in colour using a simple trick.  Below are codes of A-Z and guide on how to use them in chat.
1. How to use facebook profile images in chat ? To use profile images in chat Enter this ==> [[username]]In place of username enter username of person whose image you want to show in chat. If u will enter c00lhacks this will show image of my page.
2. Codes of A-Z for Facebook chat.

Below are codes of A-Z which you can use in facebook chat. You can create your on words with this codes. I will demonstrate how to do that . [[107015582669715]]  = A [[116067591741123]]  = B [[115602405121532]]  = C [[112542438763744]]  = D [[115430438474268]]  = E [[109225112442557]]  = F [[111532845537326]]  = G [[111356865552629]]  = H [[109294689102123]]  = I [[126362660720793]]  = J [[116651741681944]]  = K [[115807951764667]]  = L [[106596672714242]]  = M [[108634132504932]]  =…